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il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo

il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo Official Suppliers

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The prestigious collaboration between Armare Ropes and the Yacht Club Italiano is based on a partnership between two symbols of excellence, each with centuries-old traditions in their respective fields. With over 200 years of history in rope production, Armare Ropes’ technical ropes have been used onboard New Zealand’s foiling yachts since 2016. Thanks to these ropes, Emirates Team New Zealand claimed victory in the 35th and 36th America’s Cup, relying on the research and development that Armare Ropes conducts daily on its products.

Armare Ropes, symbolizes quality in the nautical industry, has deep roots in family tradition and the local territory. The Finco family, rope makers for generations, began their business by moving from the Venetian area to Trieste about 100 years ago, choosing to live and work in a region steeped in maritime history.

Over the years, Armare Ropes’ production process has evolved in pace with the rapidly changing market while maintaining an almost artisanal dimension. This deliberate approach aims to achieve a level of technological excellence, nurtured over time through dedication, constant investment, and pursuit of a dream. As Stefano Finco, founder and CEO of Armare Ropes, shares: "Before being the continuation of a family tradition, Armare was a dream, which I then turned into my personal life project, with the goal of making it a leading company. My vision of ’leadership’ does not necessarily mean market leadership, but leadership in corporate policy, which entails establishing and maintaining clean and fair relationships with customers and suppliers, but above all with employees, who work every day to grow this project. In our company, the individual—whether customer, supplier, or collaborator—is at the center of everything, connected and intertwined with the values ??I believe in and strive to instill in my children every day."

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Technical coverings and nautical upholstery for interiors and exteriors.


Sun & Shade crafts custom-made products using high-quality materials, tailored to the tastes and desires of each boat owner.

Sun & Shade is a Genoese company, young and dynamic, with a presence in the regional, national, and nearby French markets. It operates in various sectors of upholstery and technical coverings, with particular expertise in the nautical and maritime industries.

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