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Dear Members and Friends,


As many of you know, in recent weeks the Yacht Club Italiano has carried out a mission that allowed us to deliver food and essential supplies to the Ukrainian border and to bring back to Italy - currently hosted at the Convent of the Franciscan Friars Minor in Recco - 22 Ukrainian refugees (12 children and teenagers aged between 4 and 17 and their mothers).


The commitment of the Club does not stop here; after completing the first operational phase, the organization continues this journey for as long as necessary. Many aids have already arrived for basic necessities, clothing, medicines, etc. And in the coming weeks, it will be our responsibility to help our new friends integrate into the community and start their new life as smoothly as possible.


The Yacht Club Italiano wants to continue to be an active part and help with every available means the small group that is currently welcomed in Recco. In this second phase, we have tried to organize the lives of these people as best as possible, providing them with the necessary resources to continue their lives - they arrived with nothing - and, in agreement with the Friars and the local community, we are planning to address their immediate needs (medical, food, and general support) and evaluating all options to facilitate the integration of these people into normal life, namely: an educational program for the young and work/activity for the young mothers.


It is very important that everyone, according to their possibilities, does their part so that we can give meaning to what has been done so far.


To date, the results are very encouraging, and the YCI is grateful to all those who have worked tirelessly in these long weeks.


This page will be constantly updated with the results of the fundraising and material collection, and we will provide you with a summary of what has been done so far.


Since the beginning of the experience alongside our new Ukrainian friends, money and raw materials have been collected sufficient to cover their needs for the first few weeks. Among the many things purchased, the following:


- Medicines

- Food supplies

- Clothing and linens

- Toys

- 10 PCs (one for each family unit so they can stay in touch with their relatives remaining in Ukraine)

- Mobile phones + respective SIM cards


The bank account dedicated to fundraising at Banca Passadore remains active, which is certainly more useful at the moment to financially support the convent with accommodation expenses.


Bank transfer

Beneficiary: Yacht Club Italiano

C/O Banca Passadore

Account number 965256

IBAN IT58K0333201400000000965256


Reason for payment: Support for Ukrainian population


A detailed account of all support provided up to now is available at the YCI secretariat. For those who wish to participate actively and be useful, please contact the secretariat ( specifying "YCI - UKRAINE" in the subject line.