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il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo

il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo Turistic information

Turistic information

In the heart of Europe, Ligury lies between the mountains and the sea. This land overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is full of beauty. Its inlands have an important cultural heritage and on the coast life is welcoming and lovely. 

From the West to the East, its landscapes change time and time again and are full of surprises: the majestic Maritime Alps in the West, the Cinque Terre villages overlooking the sea in the province of La Spezia, but also an ancient city full of history like Genoa or the sunny beaches of Alassio. 

There are many treasures to be discovered: from the most famous towns, like Sanremo, in the province of Imperia, to the hidden beauties, like the cool villages of Noli and Varigotti, not far from Savona. 

The blue Ligurian sea is populated by whales - that is why here you can find the Whale Sanctuary - and is sorrounded by a green sea made of parks where air, nature and flavours are still pristine, like in the Aveto Valley. 

Ligury can be easily reached, it is connected to the main cities of Northern Italy and confines with France. Nowadays the airport of Genoa is an primary hub with many international flights.



Genova More Than This   

Genoa is a lively, authentic city, which offers to the visitor a wide range of experiences, mixing the richness of an art and culture capital, World Heirtage UNESCO, the charm of the sea and the suggestions of its colours and tastes. 



Get lost in the labyrinth of the narrow streets called “caruggi” and you will find majestic palaces, precious museums and amazing churches, besides old shops full of flavours and crafts; you will also smell the delicious scent of pesto and of freshly baked focaccia. 



In the Porto Antico area, renovated by Renzo Piano in 1992, the most important Aquarium in Europe brings you to the deepest sea, while the Bigo makes you fly high over the city, 40 metres high, to enjoy a breath- taking view. 



You can move vertically with elevators and funiculars to reach the hillside and the ancient Fortresses, or stroll along the coast, from Nervi to Pegli, finding rocky cliffs, historical parks and small, refined museums.



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