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il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo OLTRE LA LINEA ed HEROES DI ROCCIA E DI MARE


We are pleased to inform you that two important projects aimed at promoting the socio-economic integration of individuals at risk of social marginalization have been successfully concluded after six weeks of intense activity.

The activities were part of the European Social Fund’s operational program for the Liguria region, within a broader project of social inclusion carried out through partnerships between associations of various sports.

These projects were approved between 2019 and 2020 but were halted due to the pandemic.

At the link provided at the bottom of this page, you will find the press release related to the event, which includes a more detailed explanation of the programs and goals of the two projects.

The partnerships developed two projects involving various sports disciplines (rock climbing, trekking, swimming, dancing), both of which included sailing.

Sailing, like many outdoor sports and activities, is a sport that increases personal autonomy, helps improve subjective well-being, and leads to greater self-esteem by rediscovering personal abilities and changing one’s perception of oneself.

All these characteristics certainly contribute to the reintegration process of young people who are at risk of social marginalization due to various issues (disabilities, substance abuse and/or psychiatric problems, prolonged inactivity compared to study and work, demotivation and withdrawal, social media addiction).

The programs also included activities such as observing nature and the coastal marine environment, safety at sea, knowledge of meteorological elements, and raising awareness of eco-friendly behaviors.

Being involved in the field of social solidarity demonstrates our Club’s commitment to bringing sports and sailing closer to those who, for health or social reasons, do not have the opportunity to enjoy them normally.

We consider it an ethical and moral duty to contribute in our own small way to making this world a better place.

The courses were organized and managed by the Yacht Club Italiano under the guidance and coordination of Paolo Vianson, whose extensive specific experience in this sector was crucial for the recognized success.

Some numbers from YCI’s activities, including the two programs:

- 28 participants

- 216 hours of dinghy activities divided into 6 "classes" of three people each

- 176 hours on offshore boats + a 4-day mini cruise

- 8 instructors + assistants (dinghy drivers, sailor educators, etc.)

- Boats used: First 7.5, Gebel Sun Odyssey 43, Gughi Bavaria 49, Grampus c&C 61